About Qubed

What we do
Qubed is a Point of Sale Hardware distributor in South Africa & Africa. With a small focused team that is client centric, we ensure that our customers are at the centre of our business’s philosophy, operations, and ideas. 
We provide to a host of industries with the most innovative and comprehensive POS solutions. Products are innovative, new generation, cost effective and built to last.

We simplify the procurement process by offering consultation based solutions. Drawing on our relationships within the industry we liaise with other innovators to bring our clients full rounded solutions.

Our products speak for themselves. We are excited about our products and have confidence in their promised performance and durability.
All products are equipped with state of the art Intel chip sets. Units are fan-less which is perfect for our African climate and tough industries. A 3 Year Warranty ensures peace of mind.
Our products are all issued with ISO9000 and ISO14000 certificates. All our products have built-in features, which results in fewer items on the counters and cost savings in terms of hardware spend.

Market & Positioning
We have units installed in the traditional Point of Sale environment - retail, hospitality, events and banking. The "New Generation POS" edge our our device range has allowed us to move into additional applications for our products. We have partnered with various software applications that has opened opportunities for our devices to shine and display the full range of their capability. Our devices are also geared with SDK kits and with the assistance of our knowledgeable team, many successful integrations have successfully been implemented.