Software & Development Partnership

Scotch Software
  • Scotch Software was established in 2019 as an Independent┬áCollaboration Partner
  • POS Capability Software, Device Management Portal, FinTech Solutions
  • Possibility Partnerships
  • Leading the efforts to take Customer Focused Solutions to the Next Level. Futuristic Technology has now become a Reality.
  • FinTech Innovation & Solutions
  • Scotch has developed a range of software applications and platforms focused on "What has been Missing" in the Payment and Mobile Money space.
  • Bespoke solutions developed hand-in-hand with industry leading POS Hardware from Qubed POS.
  • FinTech Solutions
  • Simple & Straight Forward into the Future of Financial Technology.
  • Out-of-the-Box Thinking resulting in Lower Transaction Cost, Multiple Use Hardware & Enhanced Customer Experience.